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Camera Motion Research Blackbird Camera Stabilizer Kit
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The Camera Motion Research Blackbird Camera Stabilizer Kit allows easy leveling, balancing and positioning of DSLRs and camcorders weighing up to 8 lbs. The handheld system includes a camera stage/chassis with support arm, mounting plate, locating pin, gimbal and extender, T-bar assembly with 2 horizontal bars, counterweights, universal docking bracket with table clamp, tripod adaptor, resting stand, and a custom case. The camera is attached to the stage via a mounting plate that has a friction pad to securely mount the camera with or without use of the camera locating pin. The plate also provides additional front/back adjustments and has a safety pin to prevent the camera from sliding off the stage during adjustment. The stage features a scale to reference the position of the plate so that re-balancing time is minimized when attaching the camera. Low backlash screw drives and internal dovetail guides ensure secure positioning of the camera when in use and the built-in tilt and roll bubble levels make balancing easy in both the axes.


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