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Canon 5D Mark III Magic Lantern RAW Hack Kit
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Includes: Komputer 64 GB 1000x CF Card, SD-Lantern Magic card, body cap, strap, battery, charger


UDMA 7 compact flash cards are required. Ideally you need several 1000x 64GB CFs. Each card records approximate 15 minutes.  To our current 5D III – Magic Lantern bodies, from our experience shows that Komputer 64GB 1000x CFs does not have “skip frame” issues such as Lexar 1000x 128GB CFs; Therefore, we chose to use  Komputer 64GB as CF card for this package rental.  Of course, when renting our camera, you can obtain your own test with your Lexar 1000x 128GB CF and inform us if what you find down is different than what we find down.


Use your computer to format your CF card using “exFAT” Format in order to record more than 4 GB file size.


Disable the auto turn off feature in the camera in order to record a video clip longer than a 1 minute which is a default setting.


Set your camera record at RAW Format 24 Frames/second.  Currently, there no CF card support 30 Frames yet. If you forgot to set at 30 Frames/second, you will experience “skip frame” issues.


Please do not update a Canon Native firmware for the camera, and do not format/remove the Lantern Magic from the SD card. A reinstallation fee will be applied for failure to retrain the firmware/software.


To bypass Lantern Magic, please press and hold the “Set” button at start up or simply take out the SD card of the camera.




The Magic Lantern hacks for the Canon 5D Mark III have enable continuous 14 bit RAW recording.  The result is breathtaking and revolutionary. Please click here for a sample video clip 5D III- hacked with Magic Lantern.


Since we are renting a HACK camera, please do not expect everything have to be 100% perfectly such as using a camera with Canon native firmware.







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