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Ikan Bi-Color 2x IB 500, 1x IFD576 Interview Kit
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Includes: 2 Ikan IB-500 Plus , 1Ikan IFD576, 3 x Stands,  3 x AC Adapters, 3 x Remote Control



The 2x Ikan IB500, 1x Ikan IFD576 Light Kit is perfect for those who shoot under varied lighting conditions. With the IB500 there are no gels required. Simply dial in your desired color-temperature via the IB500s touch-screen digital readout and you're in business.

It features variable daylight to tungsten color temperatures, built-in dimming, a touch screen rear panel digital readout, remote control, integrated barn door intensifiers, AC/DC 12V-14.4V power range with pro battery options and available light stands.




  • Touch Screen & Remote Dimming and Color Temperature Controls
  • Built in Dimmer
  • Wide Ange Beam Pattern
  • Integrated Barn Door Intensifiers


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