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Ikan Bi-Color IB 500 2 Piece Light Kit with AB Plates
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Includes: Ikan IB-500 Plus 2-Point LED Light, 2 x Stands,  2 x AC Adapters, 2 x Remote Control



The Ikan IB500 2-Point Light Kit is perfect for those who shoot under varied lighting conditions. With the IB500 there are no gels required. Simply dial in your desired color-temperature via the IB500s touch-screen digital readout and you're in business.

It features variable daylight to tungsten color temperatures, built-in dimming, a touch screen rear panel digital readout, remote control, integrated barn door intensifiers, AC/DC 12V-14.4V power range with pro battery options and available light stands.




  • Touch Screen & Remote Dimming and Color Temperature Controls
  • Built in Dimmer
  • Wide Ange Beam Pattern
  • Integrated Barn Door Intensifiers


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