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Multiblitz 600W/s Monolight Kit
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Note:  The above image is for illustrative purposes only.  You receive 3 Multiblitz monolights (200W/each), 1 Octagon soft box 36-Inch, 1 soft box 24-36 Inches, 3 light stands, Aluminum case.



The Multiblitz 200 3-Monolight Lighting Kit provides a total of 600 w/s of compact light output, and features a rapid flash duration that's perfect for catching action with digital cameras.  You get 3 fan-cooled 200 mono lights, a snoot and a, a Octagon soft box, a Pro soft box , light stands, a sync cord, and an aluminum case.  This allows you to control your lighting output more than kits featuring just the standard umbrellas.  Multiblitz is known for professional quality, and the Multiblitz 200 is quite compact for its power output.


The 200 has a built-in slave which will fire the mono light from any pulse of light as well as from an optional infrared transmitter. 


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